Life is good!

by The Octocats

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    Recorded, Mixed & Mastered 100% in analog formats.
    No computers were used in the making of these cassette tapes.




"Life is good!" EP recorded & mixed by Carlos Adriano Herrera on Ampex ½" tape on March 15th, 2014; mastered by Pablo Torterolo on Basf ¼" tape at La Sonoteca on June 10th, 2014; self-released on cassette tape without ever going through a computer on September 27th, 2014 (International Cassette Store Day) with the help of Quelonio Records and Cool Ghost Records. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

All songs written by Mariano G. Lopez & performed by The Octocats.

Glow-in-the-dark cases screen-printed by Mati Schmidt at Serial Imprenta; cat collage artwork by Nicanor Aráoz with the assistance of Yamel Blanca; cover art direction by David Á. Maruchniak.

Fanzine was possible thanks to all the people who got engaged with the project and drew an eight-legged cat for us. Thanks!

Cover desing Mariano G. Lopez


released September 27, 2014

The Octocats are Mariano Lopez & David Maruchniak.

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The Octocats Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Track Name: Bunch of Cannoli
She cooks cannelloni
and they laugh at each other faces.
They look through the window
and guffaw at the lazy neighbour.
(Oh oh)
And they thrash about and fall down
the hill of the park.
They gape at the shiny colors
of the fish in the pond.

Close, close, close,
close to midnight...

She puts on her t-shirt
and they go to the party places.
They smoke marijuana
and feel like they're getting crazy.
(Oh oh)
And as soon they have the munchies
they go back to her house
with a big bunch of cannoli
and bags under their eyes.

Close, close, close,
close to sunrise...
Track Name: Earrings
I like your translucent heart shaped
earrings, earrings.

I like how they look on you.
Shining, shining.

They make you look like a star.
Splendid, splendid.

I like your amazing skin
touching my skin.

Even though you can't stop complaining
about summer heat...

I love you.
Track Name: Washing Dishes
Washing dishes
early in the morning.
Life is crazy, that's all...

Watching TV
and singing silly good songs.
That's the meaning of love...

Let me tell you,
in the morning life is good.
Let me tell you,
in the morning life is good!

Let me tell you something more,
once the Saturday has come
all the preoccupation's out of me.

Let me tell you something more,
once the Saturday has come
all the happiness comes to me.
Track Name: Dragon Flame
The fast and distant run of the ostriches
is happening right now, and not far away.

The sleeping beauties are coming, and the sun
is rising in the morning above living songs.

Living songs and colorful water
created for the world.
Scratching walls and looking for another
view of the same floor.

Among us flies a dragon flame.
Among us it flies, far away.
Track Name: City/Town
Time goes by
staring at her picture.
She's not around.
This place is boring and I want her back!

I'm stone broke.
I'm waiting for her call.
I'm so sad.
The city is far and I'm still in town!